Prescription Sun Lenses


Pick among 4 lens types based on lens index (lens thickness)

Helps with Glare with the sun and driving.

Prescription for right eye. Ex. -0.50

Ex. -0.25 or None

Ex. 140 or 80 or None

Prescription for left eye. Ex. -0.50

Ex. -0.25 or None

Ex. 140 or 80 or None

Pupillary Distance

Information about Prescription Sun Lenses lenses

Choose many options for the prescription sun lenses. Prescription sun lenses are convenient for people who want to have full vision in the bright sun conditions or while driving during the day.

Equipped with full UV-A and UV-B ray protection, prescription sun lenses is the best way to protect health of your eyes. Polarized lenses provide additional convenience by cutting the horizontal glare. They are especially convenient at the beach or during water activities.

Online Buying Guide for Prescription Sun Lenses lenses

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