SpecialEyes Program

Unique Eye Care for individuals who have Special Needs servicing:

  • Developmental

  • Behavioral/Emotional

  • Physical

  • Sensory Impaired

Our eye doctor is a top specialist with over 20 years of experience in the diverse needs optometry specialty. Evaluation and treatment of the visual health and ocular function of all types of special needs patients, including pediatric, geriatric, developmental delay, and nonverbal. Individuals with special needs and/or developmental delays require special testing of their eye health and visual function. We are experts in comprehensive eye exams and effective treatments for special needs and/or nonverbal patients.
In Office: New environments can be stressful, so we do what we can to alleviate that anxiety even before the patient arrives at the practice. During scheduling our staff may inquire about appropriate examination times when the patient is at his or her best. Select a time of day when the patient is likely well rested so we can build in extra time for the examination and let us know if your client needs a time that has low office traffic. In Clinic: We can provide the expert eye care your clients deserve in the familiar setting of your care community. Let us bring our equipment to your care facility or clinic area and we can perform a complete eye exam.

In Home: Sometimes it's just not possible for clients to leave the home for an exam because of health or behavior. We can come to the clients home for eye care services. We carefully sanitize all equipment to ensure optimal health and safety and reduce microbial transfer to the home.

Glasses and Glasses Repair: If your clients need glasses, let us fit and deliver or repair the glasses to your facility. We can also apply insurance to glasses cost.

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